Yachting Traditions

From the grand yachts that ferried presidents to the traditional workboats that plied the waters of the Chesapeake, Moores Marine keeps legends alive.

In the furious pace of our digital age, we uphold the traditions of yachting and understand these boats are more than great beauties. They serve as havens, places to clear the mind and calm the heart.

Moores Marine is a small, family-operated business.Even as practical a president as Abraham Lincoln understood the unrivaled powers of yachting. During the Civil War, Lincoln chartered the 536-ton steamer, the Silver Queen, at a princely sum of $241 a day to provide a soothing setting for tensions including the Confederate Peace Commission conference on Feb. 3, 1865.

Moores Marine was founded by James P. Moores, who built boats in Maine before deciding to specialize in preserving antique and classic yachts after seeing one too many taken to landfills because of shoddy work or neglect.

As a small family business, we limit the number of projects we handle at any given time. These boats were built one at a time and custom boats need custom work.

James Moores built boats in Maine before specializing in preserving classic yachts.

Our 18-acre yacht center in Beaufort by the Sea in North Carolina was designed from the ground up to cater to traditional yachts and centrally located at Mile Marker 198 on the Intracoastal Waterway, the same distance from Miami or New York.

As you look through these pages, you will find not only our work on the celebrated, such as the "Honey Fitz," the 1930 93' Defoe that served as the eighth yacht for U.S. presidents and the 1933 Wheeler Playmate "Pilar," a film double of the original, but the less famous but no less loved yachts of generations past.

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Photos: Moores Marine, in association with Camelot Yacht Club, presented the inaugural Palm Beach Vintage Regatta, curating more than 25 antique and classic yachts dating back to 1917. You can view some of the beautiful photos from the event here:
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· Photo Gallery #2

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